Software Solutions

McAllen Solutions has been writing, installing and supporting software for different platforms for over four years. We write custom applications from scratch, in many instances we can tailor or add to existing packages

Analysis and Advice - Decisions about what software to use, whether to upgrade or add to current systems, or whether to replace them with 'newer' technology, are not always easy to make. There are often many options available, and choosing the wrong one can be very costly.Let McAllen Solutions help when selecting software for use in your company.

Hardware Solutions

Choosing the right platform for your applications is imperative. Whatever your requirements, from office applications to Enterprise solutions, networked locally or across a wide area, McAllen Solutions has the knowledge and expertise to recommend the correct platform, install and configure it. We also provide on-going support. We will use our knowledge and experience to find the hardware solutions that work best for your needs.

Let Us Build Your Next Computer

We build high quality customized computers specifically designed for small businesses. We use the best parts, from the motherboard to the mouse, and can tailor our PC's to meet your specific needs.
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Computer Repair

Mcallen Solutions doesn't just build computers we can also repair them for you. We are a CompTIA A+ Authorized Service Center.